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2:25 AM Posted by Stephanie Treasure

The All New Jamaica Real Estate Guide has finally been released. If you
have not already received your complimentary copy, you should receive it
during the course of the week. This has been the most challenging issue to
put together yet, but we made it!

Marketing During a Recession

There is no doubt that the Jamaica Real Estate Market is feeling the
pressure of these tough economic times. As prudent business people
therefore, we look for ways to cut our spending, tighten our budgets and
weather the storm. However, one area that you should not cut too much is
advertising. It’s one of the first places we look when we want to cut
spending but it should be the last.

Companies that increase advertising during a recession are able to
increase market share and enjoy a better return on investment than during
the good times. Advertising dollars should be seen as an investment.
Uncertain consumers need the reassurance of strong brands during a
recession. Brands that are constantly in the various media, be it
newspapers, radio, TV or magazines. Think of it this way, when consumer
confidence is up and they are ready to spend, how will they find you?

The key is to strategize, maintain market spend, aim for more bang or
longevity for your buck and target your consumers. It is a known fact that
magazines offer longevity when promoting a brand. Readership is high since
it is not as disposable as newspapers and is passed around/circulated much

Jamaica Real Estate Guide offers a Print and Online Solution for

Our reach is more effective than ever with 1.5 million Jamaicans online,
hundreds of thousands on online social networks like Facebook and the
search for “Jamaica Real Estate” is over 30,000 Monthly via Google
alone. is a fully optimized website which shows up in
the top 10 results across most search engines for Jamaica Real Estate. Our
readers can download our magazine for FREE online and read it in its
entirety from cover to cover. We receive magazine downloads from all over
the world.

Our print magazines continue to be distributed Islandwide via
Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Banks and selective Gleaner Inserts. We would
appreciate the opportunity to market your brand to the thousands of readers
of The Jamaica Real Estate Guide in print and online.

It is my sincere wish for your business and mine to survive and flourish
during these challenging times. So I will work with you in whatever way I
can to ensure maximum exposure for your business without breaking the bank.

Contact me today and lets meet to talk about the most economical way to get
exposure for your business through the Jamaica Real Estate Guide and networks. Send an email to info [a] or call (876) 337-8406

Best regards,
Stephanie Treasure


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