3 Simple Tips to Engage Your Website Visitors

12:08 AM Posted by Stephanie Treasure

1) Valuable Content Provide information on the Jamaican home buying process, tips, resources for mortgages, etc. Your website visitors are looking for listings yes, but they are also looking for what separates you from other Jamaican Real Estate brokers. They want to find out how customer focused you are, what your services are and any other valuable information that you freely provide.

2) Build Rapport First you need to have a lead-generating system on your website. It can be a sign-up form for a newsletter [recommended] or a simple contact form for property inquiries or general real estate related question. Then you need to keep in touch via a newsletter which can be sent out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Alternatively, blogs are a very effective way to build a rapport without or in addition to having an email list and subsequent newsletter. How do you know what to blog about? In addition to the obvious topics to blog about like industry news or updates, you can make a list of the most frequently asked questions by prospects for one week. Write a blog post about each one.

3) Make your website easy to use Design your website with your prospective web visitors in mind. Simple navigation system so that web visitors can find their way around easily. People browse websites differently than how they read print. They scan very quickly and don’t have time to figure things out. Try to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and browse your website to make sure you can find things easily and quickly. Are you attracting returning residents? Do you have information on your website that may help a returning resident? Ensure you have information on your website that will help each user type. That means general information for first-time homebuyers, investors, returning residents, sellers, etc.

These are just general tips that are relatively easy to implement. Give them a try and see for yourself. At the very least, take a look at your website’s effectiveness or lack thereof and see how you can improve it. The time you invest on this now can mean increased leads and listings down the road.


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