Top 4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Jamaican Realtors

4:11 AM Posted by Stephanie Treasure

Why should you add Facebook Marketing to your existing Real Estate Marketing Campaign? The facts are pretty compelling:

• Facebook is not just for high school and university students. In fact, the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users is those who are 35 years and older.
• Social networking on Facebook is Free
• There are over 100,000 Jamaicans living in Jamaica on Facebook
• Over 6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day
• More than 10 million users become fans of Facebook Pages each day
• An effective Facebook marketing campaign can take less than 5 minutes a day
Here are 4 top tips to get started with giving your company a presence and start marketing on Facebook:

1. Set up a Facebook Fan Page You will need to already have a Facebook personal profile in order to set up a Fan Page. Your Fan Page will essentially be a combination of your blog, website, business card and more. So make sure to give it a nice clean look. The first essential for your Fan Page is your company logo, which will be the Fan Page profile photo. Add your mini-bio (the section underneath your main profile picture) with a few words about your company, a link and a call to action. Update the information section with your company profile, links to your website, blog, twitter account, YouTube account, etc. Click this link to set up your Facebook Fan Page View the Jamaica Real Estate Guide Fan Page here

2. Connect Your Blog If you write a blog, you definitely need to import your blog feed into Facebook. The first thing you will need to do is go to the Facebook notes tab and click on the import blog link. Every time you make a blog post, it will receive additional exposure as it spreads virally on Facebook. Your fans can make comments right into Facebook. And the cool thing is that when they do comment, it will update their friends’ news feeds and that will be even more exposure for your company/Facebook Fan Page.

3. Status Updates Every time you update your Facebook Fan Page status, it goes out into your fans’ news feeds. You should be very deliberate about what you put in your status updates. Use links often but not all the time. Mix it up with links about your company, news listings and industry news. Be careful not to be constantly promoting, but rather to add value to your fans. Throw in a few motivational quotes or thought-provoking questions. Shortcut: You can schedule your status update with which also allows you to update your status across other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Use Facebook Ads If you are looking to attract more fans or drive traffic to your website, Facebook Advertising is a good way to go. It is relatively inexpensive and allows you to do some general targeting by gender, age, Country, etc. Note however that you will waste your money if your Ad is not set up correctly. Also, this form of advertising is relatively new and so click through rates are low. Click here to get started with Facebook Advertising

If you need help setting up your Facebook profile, updates and/or advertising, feel free to contact me and take a look at the Social Media Marketing services offered by Butterfly Publications for Jamaica Real Estate Professionals here.


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